Candles and Paraffin

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Church candles

At ZaraSanta Passion we have a wide range of candles for churches. Our candles are distributed in two types, which are those used in the ecclesiastical world:

Wax candles

Traditional candles are still one of the great protagonists of worship in churches around the world, at ZaraSanta you can buy candle boxes and candles for all kinds of celebrations. Available in different sizes, the candles, also known as holy of holies candles, are available in two colours: red candles and white candles. If you will need it we also have a version of the transparent candles available.

Paraffin Candles

Unlike conventional candles, paraffin candles have a cartridge and rechargeable wicks. This way we can reuse the candles over and over again. Normally the candles are decorated or imitate a conventional wax candle. Our paraffin candles are available in different formats and designs.

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