Instrument bags

Bandoliers and straps for Easter instruments

In our shop dedicated to tradition and spirituality, we present our exclusive collection of shoulder straps and straps designed to enhance your musical experience during Holy Week. Each meticulously selected shoulder strap and strap becomes a link between devotion and comfort, offering reliable support for your sacred instruments.

Drum shoulder straps

Discover the perfect harmony between rhythm and comfort when using our specifically designed drum shoulder straps. With an ergonomic fit, these shoulder straps ensure that your drum stirs hearts with its sound as you carry out Holy Week processions with grace and ease.

Timpani shoulder strap

Carry your timpani in elegance and style with our shoulder straps designed to highlight the musical passion of each stroke. The combination of durable materials and an adjustable design ensures that your timpani stays secure and ready to express its unique resonance at every liturgical ceremony.

Bass drum shoulder strap

When it comes to carrying your bass drum in processions, our bass drum shoulder straps provide firm support to ensure your sonorous message is powerful and resonant. Adjustable and sturdy, these shoulder straps ensure that your bass drum becomes the unmistakable pulse of the liturgical celebrations of Holy Week.

Drum, Timpani and Bass Drum Straps

Secure your drums, timpani and bass drums with our straps designed for secure attachment and distinctive style. Each strap not only offers secure transportation, but also adds an aesthetic touch that reflects the importance of your instruments in the ceremony.

Comfort in every procession

By choosing our Easter instrument straps and shoulder straps, you choose the perfect union of devotion and comfort in every procession. Discover how these elegant carrying solutions are designed to accompany your spiritual journey, providing the security and style needed to honour sacred music at every step of your liturgical journey.

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