Fajas de costalero

Fabric sashes for costaleros

In Zarasanta we have a wide range of garments for the costalero, among which are the sashes for costaleros, among which we can find two types: the fabric sashes and orthopedic sashes

The fabric sashes that you can find in our online shop are available in different colours. Apart from their decorative function, the main purpose of the sash is to protect lumbar injuries, relieving the costalero from heavy loads, improving the diaphragm thrust and protecting the back. 

Orthopaedic sashes

In case you are looking for extra protection, orthopaedic belts are an indispensable element for any costalero. These orthopaedic belts reduce even more the impact on the lumbar area when lifting the weight, and they are very easy to put on thanks to their grip system. 

If you have any doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department, we will be delighted to help you. 

Sashes for costalero

Experience exceptional comfort and support with our costalero sash, designed specifically to accompany you in every step of your processions. Made with high quality materials and an ergonomic design, our sash provides the perfect fit you need to carry out your responsibilities with confidence and comfort. Each of our sashes has been designed with the unique needs of costaleros in mind, offering a secure fit that allows you to move freely as you carry out your duties with pride and dedication.

Our costalero sash provides firm support for your devotional work during your processions. Designed to distribute weight evenly and reduce back strain, this sash allows you to carry out your responsibilities with comfort and confidence, allowing you to focus on the spirituality of the occasion.

Discover the best sash for costalero in our collection

We invite you to discover the best sash for costalero in our collection. With a variety of styles and features, we are sure you will find the perfect sash to suit your needs and preferences. Prepare for your processions with confidence and comfort, knowing that you are equipped with the best in support and comfort.

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