Brotherly incense

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If you are looking for the best cofrade incense you are in the right place, in Zarasanta we have made a careful selection of the best cofrades incense. In our catalogue you will find different incenses with different intensity of aroma, smells and mixtures to get the authentic aroma of Holy Week. 

Recipe of the cofrade incense

Although the specific quantities of incense are carefully guarded, all incenses start from the same base, most of them are composed of: cloves, cinnamon or the incense itself. In addition, floral touches such as orange blossom, rose petals or orange peel are often added. All this together to achieve that typical aroma of Holy Week. 

Incense for brotherhoods

Immerse yourself in an aromatic devotional experience with our specially designed incense for confraternities. Each captivating aroma elevates the spirituality of your celebrations, creating a sacred atmosphere that envelops the faithful in a unique experience of reverence and connection with the divine.

Holy Week incense

Our Easter incense is infused with aromas that inspire devotion and reflection in every corner of your celebrations. Carefully selected natural ingredients and handcrafted, each stick of incense ignites the flame of spirituality, setting the stage for moments of recollection and contemplation during this sacred season.

Discover a range of Easter incense with fragrances that uplift the spirit and fill the air with a sense of reverence and solemnity. Whether you choose classic scents or special blends, each incense stick is an invitation to immerse yourself in the very essence of this sacred season, renewing your connection to the divine.

Buy Easter incense

When you purchase our Easter incense, you are purchasing more than fragrances; you are making an offering of sacred aromas that will enrich your celebrations and uplift your prayers. With each inhale, you will be enveloped in an aura of spirituality and peace, taking your Easter experience to new heights of connection and devotion.

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