Medals for confraternities

Medals for confraternities

Honour your membership in your confraternity with our carefully designed medals, which are more than just ornaments; they are symbols of identity and devotion. Each medal carries with it the history and tradition of your confraternity, reminding you of your commitment to faith and community. Explore our collection and find the perfect medal to accompany you in your religious celebrations and in your daily life as a confraternity. Our medals also include the cord in the colours of your choice.

Easter medals

Our Easter medals are a living testimony to the faith and tradition that characterise this time of year. With unique designs and exceptional quality, these medals are much more than just accessories; they are symbols of Christ's passion and sacrifice, as well as the devotion of the faithful. Discover how our Easter medals add a touch of solemnity and spirituality to your religious celebrations, reminding you of the importance of this sacred season.

Personalised medals

Personalise your spiritual commitment with our personalised cofrades medals, which reflect your unique connection to your cofradía and your faith. With the customisation and design options available, you can create a medal that is truly your own, carrying with you not only the symbol of your confraternity, but also your devotion and personal commitment. Discover how our personalised brotherhood medals are a unique expression of your faith and your identity as a brotherhood.

Buy medals for brotherhoods online

Shop for your confraternity medals easily and conveniently online. Find out how buying guild medals online gives you peace of mind knowing that you are acquiring a symbol of identity and faith that will accompany you on your spiritual journey and in your religious celebrations.

Medals for brotherhoods

Celebrate the unity and faith of your brotherhood with our specially designed medals. Each medal is more than just an ornament; it is a symbol of shared devotion and commitment to serving a higher cause together. Made from high-quality materials and meticulously crafted with details that reflect the essence of your brotherhood, our medals are a powerful way to keep the spiritual connection between members alive. Discover how our sorority medals can strengthen your bond and be a constant reminder of your common mission.

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