Discover how our meticulously designed pedestals elegantly elevate devotion at every ceremony. Whether wood or metal, each pedestal is more than just a stand; it is a pedestal that enhances the presence of your saints and religious symbols during Holy Week and beyond. Explore our collection and find the perfect pedestal to honour your traditions with grace and solemnity.

Easter stems

Our Easter stems are a testament to faith and respect that add a touch of majesty to your religious celebrations. Made from the highest quality materials, these stands are the perfect complement to your processions and altars, allowing your saints and religious symbols to be venerated with the dignity they deserve.

Wooden stems

Experience the warmth and tradition in every detail with our wooden bases. Handcrafted with expert craftsmanship, these stands offer a touch of rustic authenticity to your shrines and altars. Discover how our wooden stands add an aura of serenity and devotion to your celebrations, reminding you of the importance of your deepest beliefs. If you are looking for a wooden saint stand, you can choose from our wide range of columns for religious figures. 

Metal saint stems

Add a touch of elegance and durability to your presentation with our metal saint stands. With their sophisticated design and sturdy construction, these stands are the perfect choice for displaying your saints and religious symbols with pride and reverence. Discover how our metal stands enhance the beauty and significance of your sacred objects for every occasion.

Saints' Stands

Honour the sanctity of your saints with dignity on our specially designed saint stands. Each stand is created with the intention of highlighting the importance and spiritual value of your religious figures, allowing you to pay homage to your beliefs with the solemnity they deserve. Discover the beauty and serenity that our bases bring to your moments of worship and contemplation.

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