Guide cross

Guide cross

In every procession, the guide cross is more than a symbol; it is a beacon that guides the path of faith. Discover the authenticity and meaning of our selection of guide crosses, designed to illuminate the spiritual path at every step of your celebration. Explore our collection and find the perfect cross that embodies the very essence of Holy Week and brotherly devotion.

Holy Week Guide Crosses

Our Holy Week guide crosses are living witnesses to the tradition and fervour that characterise this time of year. With meticulous design and exceptional quality, these crosses not only lead the physical path of the processions, but also carry the spirit of faith and devotion. Discover how our Easter guide cross becomes the beacon that guides every step of your celebrations, reminding you of the importance of this sacred season.

Guiding crosses for brotherhoods

Guiding crosses for brotherhoods are a symbol of unity and devotion that unite brotherhoods in their spiritual pilgrimage. With an elegant design and imposing presence, these crosses not only mark the physical path of the processions, but also strengthen the spiritual bond between the members of the brotherhood. Discover how our Guiding Cross for Brotherhoods becomes the focal point of your celebrations, radiating the power and beauty of shared faith.

Buy a guide cross for brotherhoods online

Shop for your guild cross easily and conveniently online. Our online shop offers a wide selection of crosses so you can find the perfect one to lead your processions with solemnity and devotion. Discover how buying a guide cross for brotherhoods online gives you peace of mind knowing that you are acquiring a symbol of tradition and faith that will enrich your celebrations.

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