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Pluvial layers, one of the ornaments most commonly used by priests for outdoor celebrations. Originally it incorporated a hood to cover the head. Nowadays this element has been eliminated in most of the models. At ZaraSanta we have a wide catalogue of rain capes, with different ornamentations and fabrics and colours such as green raincoats, white or red, we can also make custom designs. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for any questions or queries you may have.

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As you can see the price of raincoats is very varied, and depends on different factors:

Like most religious apparel one of the determining factors in the price of rain capes is the fabric from which they are made. The fabrics can vary from the most select ones such as silk, cotton or polyester. Another very important factor is the ornaments, for example, the trimmings, embroidery, the material that makes up the brooches: gold, silver, aluminum. A clear example of this type of more elaborate capes, we can find them in the papal raincoat.

And finally we want to make mention of the rain mantle, the simpler it is, the cheaper it will be, as this has an impact, both on the material ( thread ) and on whether we want the embroidery to be manual or done by machine.

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